Welcome To The Film Producer Roadmap!


The film producer roadmap has been specifically designed to guide you through developing, producing, and distributing a feature film, one step at a time.

No matter where you’re at in your feature filmmaking journey, it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed at times. When that happens, return to this page and retrace your steps.

We look forward to seeing your finished films!

Step 01: Film Producer Overview

Long before I produced my first feature, I had no idea how to get started. And I had a lot of questions. And if you feel a little stuck, you’re not alone. I can tell you that everyone who has ever produced a feature film has felt stuck from time to time.

The professional filmmaker training included below is current and actionable. Take the time to go through each training course to get a real-world, updated roadmap so you can learn how to develop, fund, produce and sell your feature film.

The Filmmaker Action Pack will give you a complete overview of all the best practices for getting your film produced and sold. This video series will teach you what it takes to make movies, with step-by-step instructions on how to get things done. When you complete this introductory training, you will know the necessary steps for taking your story from script to screen.

Step 02: Write Your Screenplay

In order to make a great film, you need to have a killer screenplay. The characters need to seem real, and the dialogue must sound natural. There must be something suspenseful about the plot, and the story needs to have a satisfying ending. In this video training, you will gain step-by-step insights on how to turn your idea into a first draft of an awesome screenplay. 

Step 03: Film Business Plan

A film business plan is a document that tells prospective investors what your movie is about and how much it will cost to produce. Your film business plan will also explain how you intend to market and sell your film. And most importantly, your film business plan will explain why someone should invest in your movie. In this video training, Tom Malloy shows you how to finish your film business plan fast.

Step 04: Development Funding Strategy

After producing multiple feature films, I realized there is one distinct secret strategy between feature films that get produced and those that do not. A large percentage of the projects where I employed the “funded development strategy” were successful in getting the green light. In this step-by-step video training, you’ll discover how to employ this strategy in your own film producing.

Step 05: Cast Name Actors

Casting name actors is often the differentiating factor between a producing a backyard indie or making a professionally produced film. And when your film is fully finished and ready for the marketplace, having a name cast is often the difference between landing a theatrical release or a straight to VOD release. This step-by-step video training shows you how to find, approach and cast name actors.

Step 06: Find Film Investors

In this series of videos, I break down step by step the directions for How to Find Investors who could potentially invest in your film projects. And if you’ve watched my videos before, you know I hold NOTHING back. I give you every tactic I have used and continue to use. These are the same techniques that have allowed me to have the motion picture career I have.

Step 07: Pitch Your Film

You can learn a lot about the filmmaking process. But unless you learn how to pitch, your career will move at a very slow pace. For this reason, pitching is THE most important skill you can learn to accelerate your filmmaking success. What you’ll gain in this training is the exact system that allowed me to pitch and close deals on many films. And you can learn it too.

Step 09: Film Distribution Prep

Getting a film distribution deal is exciting. After all your hard work, your feature film will finally be available in popular platforms like Netflix for the world to see. That is until you get the dreaded call. Your motion picture delivery has failed quality control, and you missed the delivery window. As a result, your distribution deal is dead. This video training helps you avoid common delivery pitfalls.

Step 10: American Film Market

The American Film Market is a trade show that happens every fall in Santa Monica, California, where movie buyers and movie sellers meet and make deals. As a film producer, AFM also offers you the opportunity to meet and pitch your feature film to industry executives and film distributors. This video training shows you how to navigate the American Film Market like a professional. 

Step 11: Get Film Distribution

Film distribution is the process that gets your feature film seen and sold in movie theaters, video-on-demand platforms, and television networks worldwide. You will need to work with a film sales agent or distributor to get worldwide distribution. This video training shows you how to attract distributors and negotiate an awesome distribution deal in today’s marketplace.