Professional Training For Entrepreneurial Filmmakers

The world of independent filmmaking is constantly changing. That’s why we’re here. These filmmaking courses and training products have been specifically designed to help you overcome your current challenges so you can take your filmmaking career to the next level. Choose from the products below:

Filmmaking Stuff Mastermind

Level up your filmmaking career and get step-by-step group coaching in the monthly mastermind.

Film Finance Guide

This Audio Training provides you with a film funding strategy so you can gain an understanding of how to raise money.

Find Film Investors

This training has been specifically designed to help you find and get meetings with prospective film investors.

Produce Your Own TV Series

This training has been specifically designed to help you create, produce and distribute your own TV series.

Filmmaker Action Pack

An overview of the indie filmmaking process so you can get your film made and distributed as soon as possible.

Shot List Tool Kit

Use these templates and schedule your daily shot list so you can make your micro budget backyard indie.

Write Treatments That Sell

Discover how to write treatments that will make agents, producers, and executives eager to read your script.

Film Contract Templates

Essential legal forms and contract templates specifically designed for independent film productions.

101 Short Film Ideas

In this robust action plan, you'll get 101 short film ideas to get you in the action.

Bankroll Your Film

Film funding training created to help indie filmmakers get feature films made.

Producer Pitch Secrets

This training system provides a tactical approach for pitching investors, industry executives and Hollywood heavyweights.

Movie Business Plan Training

Use this film business plan template so you can create a plan for your film fast!

Movie Marketing Blueprint

Professional movie marketing training system so YOU can get your movie seen and selling!

Distribution Action Plan

This training system provides modern distribution tactics so you can avoid crappy deals and sell your movie.

Film Market Action Plan

Find out how to plan, navigate and sell your film at the American Film Market (held each year in Los Angeles).