Dear Filmmaker,

Do you want to produce films and get them noticed, but you are struggling because you don’t have enough time and it feels like too much work?

Does it feel easier to just let someone else make movies, even though you believe in your ability? Or perhaps you’ve been stymied by fear that the process is too complicated, or maybe you just don’t know where to start? If so, I understand . . .

Tom Malloy

My name is Tom Malloy. I'm an independent film producer. I’ve produced sixteen films and I’ve raised over $25 million from private equity investors to fund those films... And long before I produced my first feature film, I was a lot like you... I wanted to improve our craft and "level up" my filmmaking... I had a lot of questions.

When it comes to producing a motion picture, you go through a bunch of different phases. You've probably heard about production and distribution... But what happens before you go into production? What does the development stage consist of? Is it possible to fund development? And once you have a screenplay ready for production, what is the next step for raising the money? And how do I find investors. And even if I find investors and raise the money, and produce the film... How do I sell it?

It took me decades to figure out all this filmmaking stuff. When you join Filmmaking Stuff HQ, you'll get a solid roadmap so you can take your filmmaking to the next level. And unlike most filmmakers who operate from a hope and pray strategy, the FSHQ Mastermind program will keep you accountable, so you can get results.



Introducing The Filmmaking Stuff HQ Membership

Filmmaking Stuff HQ is the leading video training community for serious filmmakers.  

When you become a member, you'll have access to in-depth training and resources on all aspects of filmmaking. 

PLUS you'll have access to a community of other serious filmmakers to support you.

Perfect Platform

Filmmaking Stuff HQ is the perfect platform for the new generation of filmmakers who don't know where to go or what to do. I highly recommend checking out Filmmaking Stuff HQ - It's an invaluable resource to help bring your film project from concept to completion. 

Damian McKnight

Damian McKnight

Indie Filmmaker


The filmmaking training contained within this membership has been designed to help you take your filmmaking career to the next level.

Robust Video Training

Access step-by-step video training on screenwriting, film funding, production, and distribution. Rewatch the videos as needed.

Members Only Community

Engage directly with a community of serious, entrepreneurial filmmakers eager to answer questions and share ideas.

Bimonthly Mastermind

The Mastermind package (below) includes a live bimonthly call with an open Q&A with Tom Malloy and other working professionals.

FSHQ has given me thoughtful, actionable advice on pitching, marketing, and distribution strategy. Our mastermind calls really meet each of us where we and our projects are at. The responsiveness to my emails, as well as the filmmaking insider posts, make me feel like a part of this growing community.

Carylanna Taylor

Carylanna Taylor



Hi, I’m Tom Malloy, and I trail-blazed a path as an actor/writer/producer in the early 2000’s before it was a “thing!” 

As a writer, I’ve written over 30 screenplays. I’ve been WGA for 20+ years, and I’ve optioned, sold, or made into movies 24 of those screenplays.

As an actor, I’ve starred in indie films with Elisabeth Moss, Eliza Dushku, Tim Hutton, Cary Elwes, Betty White, Billy Zane, and Amy Smart!

As a producer, I’ve raised over 25M and produced 16 films (so far) with a half dozen others in various stages of development.  

As an author, I wrote the book BANKROLL, which was the gold standard book for years on film financing!  And I love teaching what I know.

Valuable and Comprehensive

The training resources are extremely valuable, comprehensive, and frequently expanding. As an independent filmmaker, the open and honest conversations during the Mastermind bi-weekly calls are encouraging and useful in navigating an ever-changing industry. I've also connected with many quality group members that are in various phases of their own film projects. If you're ready to up your game, I'd highly recommend Filmmaking Stuff HQ.

Diane Dresback

Diane Dresback

Indie Filmmaker


The professional filmmaker training included in your membership is current and actionable. You’ll gain ideas on how to development, fund, produce and sell your film or television series in today's marketplace.

Screenwriting Training


Overcome blank page anxiety so you can write a screenplay

Funded Development


Leverage insider tactics on how to fund the development of your film

Movie Plan Pro


Fill in the blank film business plan template to sketch out your film

Find Film Investors


Find out how to find and get meetings with film investors

Producer Pitch Secrets


Find out how to pitch your film project like a professional

Filmmaker Action Pack


Overview of the indie filmmaking process so you can take action

Cast Name Actors


Find out how to attract and cast name actors for your project

Produce Television


How to pitch and sell your television series to major networks

Produce Your TV Series


How to create, produce and self distribute your own TV series

After The Production


This training shows you how to prep your film for distribution

Film Market Action Plan


Navigate and sell your film at the American Film Market

International Distribution


Discover the ins and outs of how to sell your film globally


Andy Crittenden, Film Producer

Andy Crittenden

Producer and Director

"When I finished my first feature, I joined FSHQ for guidance. That decision will be paying dividends in my career for years to come. Whether you are just starting your film, or you are trying to figure out how to get your film distributed, this training info can help you take your project to the next level."

Kathy Berardi

Writer and Producer

I have an MFA in screenwriting from UCLA, and I've produced dozens of short films for brands and entertainment. But I still find the structure, support, motivation and accountability that are the foundation pillars of this group crucial in helping me stay focused on achieving my goals.


Secure Your Access to the Training Now

If you have the desire to learn the filmmaking process (so you can share your story with the world) then this training is for you. Choose from the package that best meets your needs:

This Is For Serious Filmmakers Only

Before you invest in filmmaking training, we want to be completely transparent with you. Not all people will get the same results from this information. This is because some people have been producing films for years. And because these folks have lots of experience and connections, they may be able to apply this training in ways that a beginner cannot. 

Your own results will vary based on your background, experience, and ability to take action. Every business... Especially the motion picture business involves risk. The people who get results take action, continually educate themselves and they often get lucky.

If you're not okay with this reality, then please DO NOT invest in this training.

With that said, if you DO understand that achieving success in any endeavor takes knowledge, work, commitment (and luck), then we welcome you to join.

Here Are Your Questions Answered

Who should join Filmmaking Stuff HQ?

Question One

This training is for producers, directors, actors, writers, film students, or second career filmmakers who are ready to take action. You'll gain insider tactics that can help you move your projects forward. If you want to produce a film or television series, this training is for you!

How does the FSHQ membership work?

Question Two

You’ll have access to video tutorials on specific topics such as filmmaking, development, film financing and film distribution. You’ll also have access to the group discussions, and be notified of any new training modules so you can stay on top of your game.

What if I decide to cancel?

Question Three

We want you to be happy with your decision. So we have created a “cancel at any time” policy. This means you can go through all the training and grab all the downloads… And if you decide FSHQ is not for you, just send an email to Jason [AT] or dial 310-746-3868 during business hours.

How does the training work?

Question Four

Each “action plan” contained in your membership has been designed to solve one specific problem. This way, you can pick and choose the skills most important to you. And with hours of video instruction, you can work at your own pace. Many of our clients focus on completing one action plan per week.

What stage of my career should I be at?

Question Five

The training contained in this membership was created to help you avoid common pitfalls and “level up” your career. Current members include first time feature filmmakers, second career professionals, as well as industry veterans seeking new strategies for film funding and film distribution.

Will you produce my film for me?

Question Six

Unfortunately we are busy producing our own projects. That said, the purpose of the membership is to help you learn and build relationships with other serious filmmakers. We are here to teach what we know so you can save time and avoid common pitfalls as you work to “level up” your filmmaking career.

"The Mastermind group helped me to expand my knowledge on marketing and distribution for independent films. They offer a lot of useful advice, but most importantly you get to connect with other creators that share the same passion for filmmaking as you do. That sense of community is always quite rewarding."

Ismael Gomez III

Ismael Gomez III

Indie Film Producer

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