FSHQ Action Plans

Access the filmmaking courses you purchased below. Each course takes you step-by-step through a specific filmmaking tactic so you can learn how to produce more motion pictures, take action, and “level up” your filmmaking career!

Screenwriting Courses

These courses will help you overcome writer’s block and finish your screenplay.

101 Short Film Ideas

101 Short Film Ideas gives you a brainstorming tool, so you can bust through blank page anxiety, generate short film ideas, and take action.

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Write Your Screenplay

Discover how to quickly overcome “blank page anxiety” so you can write your screenplay.

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Funding Courses

These courses can help you find the money you need to make your movie.

Funded Development

Use these insider techniques for getting your films financed so you can get the greenlight!

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Movie Plan Pro

When writing a film business plan, most filmmakers get it wrong. Most film business plans include all sorts of gobbledygook (like charts and graphs and…

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Find Film Investors

This training has been specifically designed to help you find and get meetings with prospective film investors.

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Producer Pitch Secrets

This training system provides a tactical approach for pitching investors, industry executives and Hollywood heavyweights.

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Movie Meeting Mastery

Many film producers find it hard to get meetings with HNIs (High-Net-Worth Individuals) to fund their films. In this short video course, you will learn…

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Producing Courses

These courses can help you source a cast and crew and get your motion picture into production.

Filmmaker Action Pack

Welcome to this video series on how to produce a professional quality film, no matter the budget. Maybe you’re planning to make a small movie…

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Motion Picture Mechanics

Find out how to hire your core team, plan production and finish your feature film.

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Attract And Cast Famous Actors

In this robust action plan, you’ll find out how to attract and hire name actors.

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Produce Network Television

TV Plan Pro is a road map for pitching and selling your television series to major networks.

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Produce Indie Television

This training has been specifically designed to help you create, produce and distribute your own TV series.

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Distribution Courses

These film distribution courses will teach you how to properly release and distribute your film.

Movie Distribution Preparation

Tom Malloy provides an overview of what to do after your film is in the can, including prepping your film for distribution.

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Movie Marketing Blueprint

Professional movie marketing training system so YOU can get your movie seen and selling!

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International Film Distribution

Leverage international sales and distribution so you can get your film seen globally.

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AFM Action Plan

Find out how to plan, navigate and sell your film at the American Film Market (held each year in Los Angeles).

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Master Classes

Here you will find robust courses that provide an extensive overview of the subject matter.

Bankroll Your Film

This easy-to-follow film funding training was created to help indie filmmakers (as well as actor/producers and writer/producers) get feature films made.

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