"How To Write a Professional Level Screenplay This Year"

Step by Step Training So You Can Finish Your Screenplay

Dear Filmmaker - 

My name is Tom Malloy. I’ve produced twenty films and I’ve raised over $25 million from financiers to fund those films...

But more importantly for you, some of the most money and success I've had in the film business has come from writing.  I've written 30 screenplays, and optioned, sold, or made into movies 25 of those screenplays.

I've been in the WGA (Writers Guild of America) for almost 20 years.  Writing has always been one of my three core businesses (Writing, Producing, Acting).

Here's the best part about writing... it's the only one of the 4 Major Above the line talents (Directing, Writing, Producing, Acting), where it doesn't matter where you are, what you look like, or what your past work has been.  ALL THAT MATTERS IS THE QUALITY OF THE SCREENPLAY.

"You Can Take the Professional Path"

Everyone seems to have an idea for a screenplay.  They watch movies and TV, and they want to write their own story.  Why do so many of these ideas go nowhere?

The reason is that these people don't know the techniques, tools, and tips that it takes to get their screenplay on paper.  And not only that, they lack the drive to do it.

Here's what's AMAZING about this video series.  If you watch each part and do the assignments at the end of each section, you WILL have a screenplay written when you're finished!

"Being a Professional Writer is a Killer Job"

If you're able to make it eventually into the WGA, the absolute MINIMUM that someone can pay you for an Original Screenplay is north of $75,000.  You may need to read that again.  The Minimum... the LOWEST that someone can pay you is that number.

But I'll be honest with you.  Most people think they've got some great ideas and all they need to do is buy some screenwriting software and just start typing away.

That's not the case.  That's the amateur path.  

YOU want the Professional Path.  You want to get the step by step instruction on how to take the right steps to get to your goal of potentially selling your screenplay, getting your screenplay produced, or having a lucrative career as a screenwriter!


"Write Your Screenplay"

I've put EVERYTHING that I know in regards to the step by step approach that I take to every screenplay I write.  These are the best steps to insure your success down a professional path with your screenplay.

Before You Start

Prepping to Write: The Synopsis and Logline

Prepping to Write: The Treatment and Scene List

Choosing Your Screenwriting Software

Getting To The "Real" First Draft

How To Set Self Imposed Deadlines

Getting the "Good Read"

Avoiding First Time Mistakes

Your Screenwriting Career

You Also Get These BONUSES:

Sample Coverage Report
Sample Synopsis & Logline
Sample Treatment
Sample Scene List
Youtube Supplement Videos

So How Much You Have To Invest To Access?

Write Your Screenplay

Because it took me years to learn this stuff, the true value of the training you’re getting today, including the Write Your Screenplay videos and the bonuses included with each section is worth well over $2000.

And let’s be frank, if these techniques can get you closer to writing your screenplay and getting it sold and/or produced, then that price this is an absolute bargain...

However, you don’t have to pay that amount to enjoy the professional benefits of Write Your Screenplay. Instead, all you have to pay is $97

Click below to get started. And once you place the order, you'll be provided with a user name and password for instant access!

Tom Holland, Writer/Director

"Getting the money is the vital part of getting your film made. Without money, nothing else can happen. Kudos to Tom Malloy"

Why You Risk Absolutely Nothing

I put a ton of work into making this the best step-by-step screenwriting training in the world. I’m convinced you won’t find a better system to help you learn this stuff. So when you get this training, you’re free to try it out for 60-days.

If you follow the steps and really give it a shot I guarantee you’ll be satisfied. And if this training does not help you get closer to your screenwriting goals, I will happily return your money. And as my gift you can even keep your downloads!

(60 Day Money-Back Guarantee! Questions? 310-746-3868)


Tom Malloy

P.S. Your time is important. This training is designed to help you get a few good ideas so you can "level up" your writing. You can log in any time and go at your own pace.

P.P.S. Also keep in mind that this training comes to you risk free... If after going through the video modules, you decide the training is not for you, just reach out for a full refund.

And as our gift to you, you can even keep your bonus downloads. So what are you waiting for?

Get started right now... And I'll see you on the other side. 😉

- - - - 

Before you invest in this training, please know that not all people will get the same results from this information. This is because some people have been producing films for years. And because these folks have lots of experience and connections, they may be able to apply this training in ways that a beginner cannot. Your own results will vary based on your background, experience, and ability to take action. Every business... Especially the motion picture business involves risk. The people who get results take action, continually educate themselves and they often get lucky. So if you're not okay with this reality, then please DO NOT invest in this training.

- - - - 

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