Part 02: Look for Opportunities


Once you adopt the lm funding mindset, you’ll begin to recognize opportunities you previously would have missed. And you must be ready to act. A friend tells you that his uncle, a major HNI (High-Net-Worth Individual), is coming into town next week. Set up a lunch! Or the local news mentions an entrepreneur just moved her company to your town. Secure a meeting? Or a local car dealer just sold his very successful dealership. Great. Get together for a coffee?

Keep up with headlines in Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, and Deadline. You’ll start to identify the key people you’ll eventually want to do business with. And being up to date on the industry will make your conversations exciting when you meet with HNIs. This experience will further reinforce your belief in your abilities.

The goal is to constantly identify opportunities that could eventually lead to funding your lm. And if it’s not apparent, your goal is to establish relationships.

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