Step 01: Film Producer Overview


Long before I produced my first feature, I had no idea how to get started. And I had a lot of questions. And if you feel a little stuck, you’re not alone. I can tell you that everyone who has ever produced a feature film has felt stuck from time to time.

The professional filmmaker training included below is current and actionable. Take the time to go through each training course to get a real-world, updated roadmap so you can learn how to develop, fund, produce and sell your feature film.

The Filmmaker Action Pack will give you a complete overview of all the best practices for getting your film produced and sold. This video series will teach you what it takes to make movies, with step-by-step instructions on how to get things done. When you complete this introductory training, you will know the necessary steps for taking your story from script to screen.

Filmmaker Action Pack

Get a modern roadmap on how to write, produce, and sell your independent film

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