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Dear Entrepreneurial Filmmaker,

Do you want to produce and distribute films and get them noticed, but you are struggling because you don’t have enough time and it feels like too much work?

Does it feel easier to just let someone else make movies, even though you believe in your ability? Or perhaps you’ve been stymied by fear that the process is too complicated, or maybe you just don’t know where to start? If so, I understand . . .

My name is Jason Brubaker. I'm an LA based film distribution executive and before I got into the business of film distribution, I had just produced my first feature film. And I was trying to sell it...

Like many filmmakers, I honestly hoped that we would make an awesome film, get a great distribution deal, and a big fat check. But that did not happen... Sure... We got some offers. But they were not deals. A deal pays money.

So instead of handing over our film over to some second-rate distribution company for mere validation and empty promises, we decided to try selling our film ourselves. Keep in mind this was a few years ago when popular stores like iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Google Play, Netflix and others were just starting out.

"The Film Business Changes Constantly"

I didn't realize it at the time, but the idea of combining simple internet marketing strategies with video on demand distribution was the start of something huge. Since that time I not only shared my experience with hundreds of other independent filmmakers, but I've gone on to actually work for several traditional film distribution companies. Through the process, I've learned a lot about what to do and what not to do.

I've also been fortunate enough to meet other working professionals. One such pro is Tom Malloy. He's an expert in film funding. To date he has raised more than 25M in private equity to fund several of his own motion pictures.

A few months ago, Tom Malloy and I decided to get together and personally help other serious filmmakers in a monthly group coaching program. Our goal is simple. We want to help you get your films produced and distributed...

"You'll Get In The Room With Serious Professionals"

Here’s the thing, just like not all directors are good cinematographers, not all filmmakers are marketers. And that's okay. Knowing a little about a lot will help you find and hire the right people. If you choose to work with us,  we will show you a roadmap that is easy to follow.

Some people are afraid to take action. Maybe you don't have enough experience, enough talent, enough money or enough equipment. In our training, you'll get a solid roadmap so you can view your film as a product and treat your filmmaking as a business.

You'll learn how many units you need to sell. You'll gain an insiders knowledge on film funding and distribution, and you'll be able to leverage your knowledge to negotiate great deals and avoid common pitfalls. You'll gain a plan for how to run your own mini movie studio.

"Here's How The Group Coaching Works"

This exclusive group will meet two times a month over the phone. One week is a hot seat where we help you set goals for your projects, and hold you accountable for results. And the next week is a training session, where we share a useful tactic and answer your questions.

The sessions will be accessible through a private phone number only available to you and other monthly mastermind members. You'll also gain access to a private Facebook group, email, and all the training products that Tom Malloy has produced within the Filmmaking Stuff HQ Platform.

And on special occasions, some of the sessions will be lead by other industry experts, where you'll have the opportunity to ask them anything. The information you'll gain in the monthly mastermind is not based on theory. It's the real stuff that is working right now.

Among other tactics, you will learn how to create a producing and distribution plan based on elements that you can control. And being able to access a group of working motion picture professionals from the get-go will help you focus and push your projects forward.

In addition to the mastermind and the training, being part of the group provides you an insider opportunity to network and meet other like-minded, entrepreneurial filmmakers. Some of our members have gone on to become collaborators and friends.

"Interact Directly With Industry Professionals"

With the Filmmaking Stuff HQ Mastermind, during your biweekly group coaching call, you will get real time interaction with instructors who actually work in the industry. (And the advice you gain is not based in theory.)

Jason Brubaker is an LA based distribution executive and an expert in digital VOD distribution. He is focused on helping YOU make, market and sell movies by growing your fan base, building buzz and creating community around your title.

As an indie producer, Tom Malloy has raised more than $25 million in private equity from financiers and has written, produced and starred or co-starred in nearly all the films that his company, Trick Candle Productions made.

In an online world of social marketing and efficient outreach tools, the Producer finally has an advantage distributing directly to his own audience. But that world changes constantly. Jason's philosophy and advice is state of the art, he's well connected and his insights were most helpful.

John Corry
John Corry Producer of Forks Over Knives

"What Is This Monthly Mastermind Worth?"

Perhaps as you are reading this, you're realizing that group coaching could help you plan, produce and distribute your film. What would that mean for you? How would your life be different if you finally got your film made and distributed? How would that feel for you?

If you are like most of my clients, my guess is that taking action in the direction of your filmmaking goals would feel amazing. Instead of hoping that someone else accepts your pitch, you can take control of your own projects.

Here’s the thing, we personally charge $300 an hour for producing and distribution consulting. And if you were to work with us 1-1 to accomplish everything we’ll do in this program, it would be about 50 hours of work . . . So if you add it up, that would be more than $15,000 (and well worth it.) And my guess is that if you made progress on your film project within the next few months, it would be worth even more than $15,000!

"However, I Want To Make This A No-Brainer"

Even though we are talking $15,000 in value, to make this a no-brainer (so you can get started NOW), you'll be able to enroll in this program for what you'd normally pay for some drinks, dinner and a movie (for two) each month!

Why not just invest in your filmmaking career?

Warmest regards,

Jason Brubaker

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"You Can Cancel At Any Time. . . And You Can Keep Your Downloads"

We put a ton of work into making this one of the best group coaching environments for serious, entrepreneurial filmmakers in the world. I believe you will gain insights on how to think like an entrepreneur so you can "level up" your filmmaking career. And I'm convinced you won't find a better community to help you push your projects forward.

If you attend the sessions and follow the steps... And if you really give it a shot, I guarantee you'll be satisfied. And if this system does not help you get closer to your filmmaking goals, you're free to cancel at any time. And you can even keep your downloads. So what are you waiting for? Reserve your spot today!

The Mastermind group helped me to expand my knowledge on marketing and distribution for independent films. They offer a lot of useful advice, but most importantly you get to connect with other creators that share the same passion for filmmaking as you do. That sense of community is always quite rewarding.

Ismael Gomez III
Ismael Gomez III Indie Film Producer