"How To Sell Your Movie For Maximum Profit"

"Movie Distribution Is Essential"

Dear Filmmaker,

My name is Tom Malloy. 

I’ve produced over one dozen feature films and I’ve raised over $25 million to fund those films. And I can tell you that one of the most important skills you can learn is movie distribution.

film distribution

Movie distribution involves getting your film out into the world. This can include getting your movie into theaters in the US, or internationally, as well as Video on Demand, and Television.

The way to get distribution is to work a Sales Agent or Distributor. But how do you find these people or these companies? And when you do find them, how do you approach them? What do you say? And how do you know if they are good?

There are dozens of international territories. And if you work with a good sales agent, you could potentially have your film in a number of these places, on a number of platforms all around the world.

Carole Joyce, Film Producer

"Tom Malloy understands what it takes to close an investor and to even find them! He is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend him."

Carole Joyce Filmmaker

"Movies Make Money In Distribution"

Many filmmakers are good at making movies. But they don't take the time to plan what to do once a movie is finished. And this is a major reason why so many filmmakers fail to get a good distribution deal.

If you know how films are distributed, you can make better decisions about how to market and sell your movie. You will also have a better understanding of which platforms can be used to get more exposure for your movie.

As a filmmaker, it is your responsibility to your investors, and to yourself to gain an understanding of how movie distribution works. Having this knowledge will help you at any stage in your movie producing career.


"The international distribution video training had nuggets of information that will save a producer a lot of time and a whole heap of money. I am tired of learning the hard way by making mistakes. This training will help me avoid that. It was really great "

film distribution course student

"You Need A Movie Distribution Roadmap"

Even if you don't have a movie, adding a distribution strategy to your business plan can help you gain the respect of prospective movie investors. And if you do have a movie, this course will give you a roadmap on how you can get your movie in front of reputable sales agents and distributors.

The movie distribution skills you'll gain in this video course are based on what I've learned from personal experience. I've been funding, producing, and distributing motion pictures for over twenty years. These tactics work for me, and I'm sure you will get tremendous value.

Your success in the movie business depends on your ability to sell your film. 


"Just a quick word to let you know how useful and enlightening your training is, specifically the distribution course as I’m sitting on a completed feature and about to embark on the journey. It's great value which is rare on the internet!"

Ross Wilson, Filmmaker

"The Movie Distribution Masterclass"

This course will teach you everything you need to know about finding and negotiating with movie distributors. 

By the end of this course, you will have a strong understanding of how the film distribution process works and how to find the right deal for your movie.

film distribution online course

"here's What You Get"

The movie distribution skills you'll gain in this video course are based on what I've learned from personal experience. 

I've been funding, producing, and distributing motion pictures for over twenty years. These tactics work for me, and I'm sure you will get tremendous value.

film distribution deal types


How movie distribution works, and why you should care
Distribution companies you should you contact and why
Deals you can expect, including all rights and split rights
film distribution market demand

PART 02: Generate Market Demand

Genres that work in today's markets and why
How to make your film fit it into the categories that sell
How to "stack the deck" before your film is created

PART 03: FIND Movie Buyers

Markets: what they are, and who attends
What buyers, sales agents, and distributors do
How to approach sales agents and distributors
film distribution deal negotiation

PART 04: NegotiatING The Deal

What type of deal is the best deal for your movie
Finding current market value, and what distributors pay
What to look for in deals: sales fees, and expenses
film distribution insider strategy


Avoiding the sales agent and filmmaker fallacy
Should you reach out to buyers directly?
How to qualify a sales agent before you sign a contract
film distribution closing tactics

PART 06: Closing Tactics

Why understanding international film distribution is essential
How to reverse engineer the motion picture marketplace
How to leverage face to face networking to nurture relationships

George Moise, Filmmaker

"I just watched the training. So much good information. And it's the LAST thing I want to worry about. At the end, I was VERY happy when you said, "I know this is the least sexy part of filmmaking." I can't tell how good that made me feel!"

George Moise Filmmaker

Money back guarantee

You can log in and take the course at any time. You can go at your own pace. You can try out the course risk-free for 60 days. If you decide the course is not for you after going through the video modules, reach out for a full refund. And as a gift to you, you can even keep your bonus downloads just for trying out this course. 

film distribution online course

Learn Film Distribution

This movie distribution course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to successfully distribute your film. So if you're ready to take your movie career to the next level, enroll now and let's get started.

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JUST $97!

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60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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Christopher Sanderson, FILMMAKER

"I invested in this training to compare my plan for finding a distribution deal for my film with Tom Malloy's professional overview of finding distribution for a completed, independent film. There were some tough things to hear, but I am better prepared having heard them. There were things covered that I already knew, and it was good to have them affirmed."


- - - - 

Before you invest in this training, please know that not all people will get the same results from this information. This is because some people have been producing films for years. And because these folks have lots of experience and connections, they may be able to apply this training in ways that a beginner cannot. Your own results will vary based on your background, experience, and ability to take action. Every business... Especially the motion picture business involves risk. The people who get results take action, continually educate themselves and they often get lucky. So if you're not okay with this reality, then please DO NOT invest in this training.

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