"How To Attract Movie Investors Without Pitching Your Dentist Or Doctor"

Even if you don't like "Networking."

Tom Malloy Film Funding Webinar

Dear Filmmaker - 

Are you tired of trying to figure out how to finance your dream film project? 

Are you sick of feeling stuck, without the funds to make your vision a reality? 

If so, you're not alone. As a movie producer myself, I've been in your shoes. And that's why I'm here to offer you a solution.

My name is Tom Malloy, and I have raised over $25 million from investors to finance multiple feature films. And I know firsthand how challenging it can be to secure funding for your film projects. 

That's why I've created a step-by-step video training program that will teach you how to find and close investors for your films.

"Financing Your MOVIE Is The Ultimate Key to Success"

Remember the golden rule? The person with the gold makes the rules!

The KEY to success in this business is leverage. 

If you can create leverage, you win. 

The ultimate form of leverage is money.

What sets my program apart from others on the market is that I hold nothing back. 

I'll give you every tactic I've used to secure funding for my films, so you can learn from what works in today's motion picture marketplace. 

But don't just take my word for it. 

Here's what other industry professionals have to say:

Carole Joyce, Film Producer

"Tom understands what it takes to close an investor and to even find them! He is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend him."

Carole Joyce Filmmaker

DJ Travis & Ellen Yee Say, Filmmakers

"Tom’s willingness to share his experience so openly has definitely helped launch us on our way to producing our feature."

independent filmmakers

"Gain Access to the System That Helped Tom Malloy Raise Over $25 Million To Produce Multiple Feature Films"

Introducing my "Find Film Investors" video training program. 

In this program, you'll learn the same system that allowed me to find funding for all of my films. 

Here's what's included:

Find Film Investors Video Training

PART 1: FINDING INVESTORS: In this section, you'll discover effective strategies for finding investors for your film projects. Learn how to identify potential investors, build connections, and create opportunities to secure funding.
PART 2: FORMULATING THE HUNT: In this part, you'll find out how to formulate a strategic plan for finding investors. Explore step-by-step methods to structure your approach, set goals, and develop a clear roadmap to attract film investors.
PART 3: BE IN THE RIGHT PLACE: In this lesson, you'll discover the importance of being in the right place at the right time. Lear how to find the key locations, events, and platforms where you can connect with potential movie investors.
PART 4: UNDERSTAND THE MARKETS: Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the motion picture marketplace is key to helping you discuss your movie projects with prospective investors. Learn how to analyze market trends, identify niche opportunities, and tailor your pitch to resonate with investors.
PART 5: SPECIAL SUCCESS TACTICS: In the final lesson, you'll unlock special tactics that can elevate your success in attracting film investors. Explore innovative strategies, negotiation techniques, and insider tips to stand out in the competitive world of film financing.

"What's My Investment?"

Because it took me years to learn this stuff, the true value of the training you’re getting today, including all the Finding Film Investors training and the bonuses is worth well over $1,997.

And let’s be frank, if this strategy can help you get a few steps closer to getting your next film produced, then that price this is an absolute bargain...

However, you don’t have to pay that amount to enjoy the professional benefits of the Finding Film Investors Training. Instead, all you have to pay is $97!

Click below to get started. And once you place the order, you'll be provided with a user name and password for instant access!

Tom Holland, Writer/Director

"Getting the money is the vital part of getting your film made. Without money, nothing else can happen. Kudos to Tom Malloy"

Tom Holland Film Director

Why You Risk Absolutely Nothing

I put a ton of work into making this the best step-by-step film funding training in the world. I’m convinced you won’t find a better system to help you learn this stuff. 

So when you get this training, you’re free to try it out for 60-days.

If you follow the steps and really give it a shot I guarantee you’ll be satisfied. 

And if this training does not help you get closer to your filmmaking goals, I will happily return your money. 

And as my gift you can even keep your downloads!

This removes all the risk for you to try it out.


Tom Malloy

P.S. Your time is important. 

This training is designed to help you get a few good ideas so you can "level up" your filmmaking. 

You can log in any time and go at your own pace.

Also keep in mind that this training comes to you risk free... 

If after going through the video modules, you decide the training is not for you, just reach out for a full refund.

And as our gift to you, you can even keep your bonus downloads. 

Brian Ellison, Indie Film Producer

"I decided to purchase the training because it was affordable, and it spoke to exactly where I am in the process. A lot of times these “training videos” are full of fluff and lead you on into “deeper training” without offering any actionable steps. But I took chance on this training and I was pleasantly surprised!"

Brian Ellison Indie Film Producer


What are the key steps to get money for your movie?

Securing funding for a movie project involves several essential steps. These include identifying potential investors, creating a compelling pitch or proposal, building relationships with investors, and demonstrating the potential return on investment (ROI) for the project. Tom Malloy's "Find Film Investors" program provides detailed guidance on each of these steps.

How does this program help me find potential movie investors?

Tom Malloy's program covers a wide range of topics related to finding potential investors. It includes strategies for identifying potential investors, approaching them effectively, and building trust. The program also provides insights into the psychology of investors and how to tailor your pitch to their interests.

Does Tom share some tips for finding film investors?

Yes, Tom Malloy's training program offers specific tactics and techniques for locating film investors. These tactics include networking strategies, online and offline methods for finding investors, and approaches for getting your project in front of the right people.

Why is it important to understand the motion picture marketplacfe when seeking investors for a movie?

Understanding the motion picture marketplace is crucial because investors want to know that your project has a target audience and a potential for profitability. Knowing the market helps you position your film as a valuable investment opportunity. Tom Malloy's training covers market analysis and how to tailor your pitch to align with market trends.

Why should I invest in learning how to "Find Film Investors?"

The cost of Tom Malloy's training is $97, which is significantly lower than its estimated true value of well over $1,997. It is considered an affordable investment for filmmakers looking to gain the knowledge and skills required to secure funding for their movie projects.

What is the refund policy on this course if I don't like it?

There is a 60-day money back guarantee for the course. This means you can enroll in the program and take your time exploring it for 60 days. If, for any reason, you feel that it hasn't helped you make progress toward your filmmaking goals, you can request a full refund. Plus, you can keep any bonus downloads as a free gift.

What if I have questions about this course or need support?

If you have any questions or need assistance with the training program, you can reach out to the publisher at the provided phone number: 310-746-3868. They'll be able to assist you with any inquiries or support you may require.

- - - - 

Before you invest in this training, please know that not all people will get the same results from this information. This is because some people have been producing films for years. And because these folks have lots of experience and connections, they may be able to apply this training in ways that a beginner cannot. Your own results will vary based on your background, experience, and ability to take action. Every business... Especially the motion picture business involves risk. The people who get results take action, continually educate themselves and they often get lucky. So if you're not okay with this reality, then please DO NOT invest in this training.

- - - - 

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