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Dear Filmmaker,

Do you want to produce films and get them noticed, but you are struggling because you don’t have enough time and it feels like too much work?

Does it feel easier to just let someone else make movies, even though you believe in your ability? Or perhaps you’ve been stymied by fear that the process is too complicated, or maybe you just don’t know where to start? If so, I understand . . .

My name is Tom Malloy. I'm an independent film producer. I’ve produced sixteen films and I’ve raised over $25 million from private equity investors to fund those films... And long before I produced my first feature film, I was a lot like you... I wanted to improve our craft and "level up" my filmmaking... I had a lot of questions.

When it comes to producing a motion picture, you go through a bunch of different phases. You've probably heard about production and distribution... But what happens before you go into production? What does the development stage consist of? Is it possible to fund development? And once you have a screenplay ready for production, what is the next step for raising the money? And how do I find investors. And even if I find investors and raise the money, and produce the film... How do I sell it?

It took me decades to figure out all this filmmaking stuff. When you join Filmmaking Stuff HQ, you'll get a solid roadmap so you can take your filmmaking to the next level. And unlike most filmmakers who operate from a hope and pray strategy, the FSHQ Mastermind program will keep you accountable, so you can get results.


Introducing The Filmmaking Stuff HQ Membership

Filmmaking Stuff HQ is the leading video training community for serious filmmakers.  

When you become a member, you'll have access to in-depth training and resources on all aspects of filmmaking. 

PLUS you'll have access to a community of other serious filmmakers to support you.

Perfect Platform

Filmmaking Stuff HQ is the perfect platform for the new generation of filmmakers who don't know where to go or what to do. I highly recommend checking out Filmmaking Stuff HQ - It's an invaluable resource to help bring your film project from concept to completion. 

Damian McKnight

Damian McKnight

Indie Filmmaker


The filmmaking training contained within this membership has been designed to help you take your filmmaking career to the next level.

Robust Video Training

Access step-by-step video training on screenwriting, film funding, production, and distribution. Rewatch the videos as needed.

Members Only Community

Engage directly with a community of serious, entrepreneurial filmmakers eager to answer questions and share ideas.

Bimonthly Mastermind

The Mastermind package (below) includes a live bimonthly call with an open Q&A with Tom Malloy and other working professionals.

FSHQ has given me thoughtful, actionable advice on pitching, marketing, and distribution strategy. Our mastermind calls really meet each of us where we and our projects are at. The responsiveness to my emails, as well as the filmmaking insider posts, make me feel like a part of this growing community.

Carylanna Taylor

Carylanna Taylor



I’m Tom Malloy, and I trail-blazed a path as an actor/writer/producer in the early 2000’s before it was a “thing!” 

As a writer, I’ve written over 30 screenplays. I’ve been WGA for 20+ years, and I’ve optioned, sold, or made into movies 24 of those screenplays.

As an actor, I’ve starred in indie films with Elisabeth Moss, Eliza Dushku, Tim Hutton, Cary Elwes, Betty White, Billy Zane, and Amy Smart!

As a producer, I’ve raised over 25M and produced 16 films (so far) with a half dozen others in various stages of development.  

As an author, I wrote the book BANKROLL, which was the gold standard book for years on film financing!  And I love teaching what I know.

Valuable and Comprehensive

The training resources are extremely valuable, comprehensive, and frequently expanding. As an independent filmmaker, the open and honest conversations during the Mastermind bi-weekly calls are encouraging and useful in navigating an ever-changing industry. I've also connected with many quality group members that are in various phases of their own film projects. If you're ready to up your game, I'd highly recommend Filmmaking Stuff HQ.

Diane Dresback

Diane Dresback

Indie Filmmaker