"How To Write, Produce, And Sell Your Movie The Easy Way"

"The Filmmaker Action Pack is an on-demand movie producing course that takes you step-by-step through the independent filmmaking process. You'll gain insider tactics so you can avoid common pitfalls, make a plan, and take action. Enroll today!"

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What Is Included In This On Demand Movie Producer Video Course?

Many people pay thousands of dollars to attend workshops and courses taught by instructors who have never actually raised money and produced movies. 

This training contained in the Filmmaker Action Pack is different. 

This online filmmaking course is based on real world experience. This course provides you with an understanding of independent movie producing so you can take action. 

Module 01:
Write Your Movie

Don’t become a Hollywood hopeful with big ideas, and no material. In this module, you'll get an overview of the screenwriting process, and gain tactics so you can get yourself an awesome screenplay!

Module 02:
Fund Your Movie

It is difficult to make a movie without money. In this module, you'll gain easy to implement strategies for meeting prospective investors and building life long business and personal relationships.

Module 03:
Plan Your Movie

Once you get the money for your movie, the next phase is pre-production. You will build a team of talented collaborators, so you can delegate production elements from prep through production.

Module 04:
Produce Your Movie

When it comes to production, you need a plan. In this lesson you'll find out how to create a production plan that includes cast, crew, locations and all the other elements that goes into making a film.

Module 05:
Edit Your Movie

Editing is the final rewrite for your film. Sometimes a simple change to a scene can have a huge impact on your movie. Discover best practices for working with an editor and what to do when your film is finished.

Module 06:
Sell Your Movie

Movie distribution is changing. When it comes to selling your film, you will want to know which sales agents and distributors would be the correct fit for your movie. Discover the secrets for selling your movie.

A Lot Of People Teach Film Producing But Very Few Have Actually Done It

The Filmmaker Action Pack training is designed to give you a roadmap for how to produce your next movie. This training is based on real world producing experience, not theory. 

Here is what some other, happy film producers have to say...

"Getting the money is the most vital part of getting your film made. Without the money, nothing else can happen. Kudos to Tom Malloy"

Tom Holland Movie Director

Tom Holland

Writer & Director

"Tom’s willingness to share his experience so openly has definitely helped launch us on our way to producing our first feature film."

independent filmmakers

DJ Travis & Ellen Yee

Indie Filmmakers

"Tom understands what it takes to close an investor and to even find them! He is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend him."

Carole Joyce Filmmaker

Carole Joyce

Film Producer

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We are confident that the Filmmaker Action Pack can help you make your next movie. 

If you are not satisfied with the training for any reason, just let us know within 60 days, and we'll refund your money in full. 

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The Filmmaker Action Pack contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices for getting your movie produced, seen, and sold. This special limited-time offer will not last long. 

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Retail $97  Today $10


60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Questions? 310.746.3868

About Tom Malloy

Tom Malloy loves sharing his knowledge and experience. Everything he teaches is based on his personal experience raising money and producing multiple movies.

Tom Malloy is a film producer, actor, and writer. Over the course of his career, he has raised over twenty-five million dollars to produce, and distribute multiple feature films.

As a member of the WGA, Malloy has written over thirty screenplays. Twenty-four of those screenplays have been either optioned, sold, or made into movies. 

As an actor, Malloy has starred in films with Elisabeth Moss, Eliza Dushku, Tim Hutton, Cary Elwes, Betty White, Billy Zane, and Amy Smart. 

In 2009 Tom Malloy authored the book BANKROLL, which became essential reading for thousands of serious film producers and film students all around the world. 

Disclaimer: Not all people will get the same results from this information.Your own results will vary based on your background, experience, and ability to take action. The motion picture business involves risk. People who get results take action, continually educate themselves and get lucky. If you are not okay with this reality, then please DO NOT invest in this training.

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