"New Training System Reveals: How To Promote And Distribute Your Film... Even If You Don't Have A Distributor"

A Step-By-Step Film Distribution Training System So You Can Sell Your Movie

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“The Indie Producer’s Guide To Digital Self-Distribution”

If you have a feature and you have no idea how you're going to sell it, or if you plan on producing your next film and your investors want to know your plans for distribution... Or in the event you have a film and you're sick of waiting around for another crappy offer (from a film distributor who doesn't care about your film), well you can stop right now.

Giving up your distribution rights to access popular marketplaces is silly and it is outdated. These days if you want to reach the marketplace you can. As a filmmaker, you have two simple choices when it comes to movie distribution. You can wait around for some bottom feeding traditional distributor to offer you validation and a crappy deal. Or you can grab the Independent Producers Guide to Digital Distribution, remove the middle-man and start selling your film without waiting.

This is the comprehensive step-by-step system for getting your film seen and selling.

  • Access VOD Platforms: Create a VOD release strategy so you can maximize your sales potential.
  • Sharpen Your Hook: Create a killer USP around your movie so you can build buzz!
  • Leverage Windowning: Release your film inline with best practices to maximize ROI.
  • Movie Marketing Formula: Discover tactics to spread word-of-mouth about your movie.
  • Source An Audience: Locate an audience for your current film and all future film.
  • Sell Your Movie: Get your movie into popular marketplaces fast!

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